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Electronic Industry Blade

Copper-foil Board Cutting BladeCopper-foil Board Cutting Blade


Product Name :Copper-foil Board Cutting Blade
Model Number:XY-LD-01
1300 x 148 x15 mm
1600 x 210 x14.5 mm
1450 x 190 x12 mm
1600 x 120 x12 mm
1550 x 105 x10 mm
Material: Blade edge can be covered with SHK-9 / SKH-2 / TCT
Usage: Copper-foil Board Cutting Knives are used for PCB cutting, electronic copper foil industry and cutting machine etc.
Feature: High precision knives with mirror surfaced grinders to meet high shear strength, dust-free and accuracy in dimensions particularly in specified lengths.
Remarks: Material and Size can meet your design requirements.


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