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Address: Tianyuan Road, Datianyang Industrial Zone, Songgang Town, Bao′an District, Shenzhen
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We are a professional manufacturer, specialized in types of knives/blades, such as: shearing machine knives/blades, printing machinery knives/blades, paper machinery knives/blades, carton machinery knives/blades, forestry machinery knives/blades, metallurgical machinery knives/blades, rubber machinery knives/blades, plastic machinery knives/blades, textile machinery knives/blades, electrical machinery and light industry machinery knives/blades.

Our products main shapes are divided into: circular, long shape, curved shape, toothed shape, special-shaped.

Main material :  HSS, SKH-54 / M-4, SKH-2 / T-1, SKH-9 / M-2 / SKH-51, SKD-11 / D-2 imported TCT and other material.

Knives/Blades are widely used in: ceramics, printing machinery, paper cutting, carton, forestry, rubber, plastics machinery, food machinery, textile, electrical machinery, light industry, aluminum foil, metalized film, tobacco machinery, packaging materials, BOPP film, electronic appliances, wood processing, food packaging industry, aluminum foil cutting , metallurgy mechanical, medicinal materials, electrical industry, shipbuilding industry, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile industry, feed, paper, plastic pipe, woodworking machinery industry, plastic crushing, leather industry etc, all kinds of standard and non-standard machinery blade.


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